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Creative editorial services for independent authors

Janie Brayshaw

Creative editorial services for independent authors

You might not consider yourself to be a perfect writer, but you do consider yourself adequate or even a good writer. You believe that with the support and assistance of a professional that your novel can be brilliantly enhanced.

Hi, I’m Janie, and that’s what I do, one keystroke at a time. I work with the dual perspective of an editor and a published author. I believe in the beauty and precision of the written word to convey the writer’s meaning, and that I am almost your collaborator.

Welcome to my online home. I invite you to come in, learn more about me and my work, and stop to consider what I can do for you and your book.

Feel free to explore my website, and learn more about my work.

Developmental Critique

A developmental critique is an overview of the text, looking at its strengths and weaknesses.


A line-by-line copy-edit ensures a level of clarity and consistency that will enhance the connection between author and reader.


 Proofreading is the final polish which catches any mistakes that have slipped through.


Taking your time

Your story needs to sparkle and flow easily, and your voice needs to connect with the reader to produce a captivating read. And this takes time. Plot holes, pace problems, dull dialogue, one-dimensional characters, inconsistencies and typos will alienate the reader and they will disengage.

Your manuscript needs to be polished in order to keep your reader engaged, whether they’re a potential agent or publisher, or someone who has just downloaded the eBook. Taking the time to have your manuscript professionally edited will give an overall clarity and consistency to your writing, and enable your story to be what you imagined it could be. 

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