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Have you gone word blind? It is difficult spotting errors in your own written material. No matter how often you check it, there will be obvious mistakes that you miss. Taking the time to have your work professionally proofread or edited will remove those troublesome errors and give an overall clarity and consistency to your writing. 

My aim is to make your writing better than you thought it could be. I work on screen using Microsoft Word with tracked changes and clear comments on amended text. I maintain a dialogue with my clients throughout, offering a truly bespoke service delivered in a timely and professional manner.

During my third year of studying Journalism at Cardiff University I decided to contact Janie as a proof-reader. I cannot thank Janie enough for her meticulous proofreading. Since approaching Janie I have received high 2:1s and Firsts in all of my assignments, which without her, I do not believe I would have achieved. Thank you again for all of your help.

Bethany Anderson
Bethany Anderson
Cardiff University

Janie has helped me develop the wording on my web site. When you are immersed in what you’re trying to say, you can miss the most essential points in the correct use of grammar. Janie ensures you don’t look unprofessional and somehow makes your own writing better!


Emma Herdman
Emma Herdman

Janie has undertaken many complex and challenging proofreading and copy-editing projects on my behalf and has done an excellent job on every occasion. She is accurate, sympathetic to the subject matter and context of the work and extremely efficient. I highly recommend her work.


Sarah Humphreys
Sarah Humphreys
Senior Research Fellow at Hull School of Art and Design

I am a Spanish student. I contacted Janie to proofread my MSc thesis close to my deadline and she worked on it in stages. She is very professional and committed; I am very happy with the result, I would recommend her services without any doubt!

Alba Lastra Tremiño
Alba Lastra Tremiño
Cranfield University

I asked Janie to check out the copy on our website because I really wanted to understand if the concept was easy to get. She was awesome in helping us simplify the text, making it much easier for customers to get the concept of our website immediately.

Benjamin Underwood
Benjamin Underwood



Proofreading is about making sense of your written material and improving its presentation. It involves a comprehensive sweep for errors, including formatting problems, spelling, grammar, punctuation and inconsistencies.

Having your work proofread by a fresh pair of trained eyes will avoid costly mistakes slipping through that could affect your reviews, brand reputation or your grade.

Having your work proofread by a fresh pair of trained eyes will avoid costly mi
stakes slipping
through that could affect your reviews, brand reputation, your grade or

I can help you with:

  • Undergraduate assignments
  • Dissertations
  • MA and MSc theses
  • PhD theses
  • Academic validation documents
  • Journal articles
  • Manuals
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate proposals
  • Manuscripts


It is important that it is your voice that emerges from your written material. Copy-editing involves a detailed look for problems with language or writing style and the structure or organisation of your work. It helps the writing achieve what you want it to achieve.

Even if you’re an excellent writer it’s easy to construct sentences that are difficult to follow, use more words than necessary or target the wrong audience.

I can help you with:

  • Website content
  • Advertising and marketing copy
  • Journal articles
  • Business presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Creative writing pieces
  • Prospectus or brochure entries
  • Manuscripts


in five easy steps:


Contact me by using the Contact Form with brief details of your submission. (I might ask to see the file before quoting for the work.)

 I will provide a quote and an estimated turnaround time.

I will create a shared folder in Dropbox using your email address, and you will be notified to join by Dropbox. Upload your document to the shared Dropbox folder in MS Word or PDF format.

Complete payment securely via PayPal. Turnaround time will be confirmed once payment in full is received. (If necessary, I can invoice you.)

When the work is complete, I will return it to you via Dropbox with clear comments on amended text with tracked changes and final versions.


Pricing is dependent on subject matter, word count, required turnaround time and the amount of proofreading or editing required.
Guidelines are as follows:


Proofreading for undergraduates


Independent authors

£10.00 per 1,000 words

£7.50 per 1,000 words

£20.00 per hour

Starting price £150.00 

The proofreading service covers

  1. Correcting spelling mistakes and typos.

  2. Correcting punctuation and grammar errors.

  3. Ensuring a consistent and well-structured layout.

  4. Correcting formatting inconsistencies (font, spacing, bullet lists).

  5. Ensuring consistency of tense.

  6. Ensuring subject–verb agreement.

  7. Ensuring consistency of capitalisation and hyphenation.

  8. Noting errors of in-text quotes.

  9. Suggesting ways of cutting very long sentences or dividing paragraphs.

  10. Noting where the meaning of the text is unclear or confusing.

  11. Identifying incorrect use of words and suggesting alternatives.

  12. Ensuring consistency of chapter headings, headlines, footnotes and page numbering.

  13. Checking references and bibliography are correct and consistent.

  14. Checking functionality of links.

The copy-editing service covers

  1. All proofreading checks.

  2. Improves quality of word usage and flow of text.

  3. Improves sentence and paragraph structure.

  4. Ensures text is concise and removes redundant wording.

  5. Revises awkward phrasing without losing the author's voice and style.



Once you have received my quotation, and if you want to employ my services, please make a payment via the Payment Button on the right entering the quoted amount as per our email. Alternatively, if you do not want to follow the link from my website, you can visit the PayPal site from your web browser and pay the amount by using my email address.

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