Proofreading Myth No 2: The market is shrinking

The market is not shrinking; it’s changing. It's even expanding in some sectors. Increasing numbers of people are recognising the benefits of ensuring that their text is professionally presented.

Our world is more public than ever. Anyone with an online presence, for example, a website, a blog, an online report, an ebook, has a public presence. And if that public presence is represented by words, those words need to be polished. That’s where the editorial professional comes in.

The independent-publishing market is booming with self-publishers uploading fiction and commercial non-fiction to public spaces on a daily basis. Many of those writers are NGOs, businesses, marketing and communications agencies, packagers, schools, public-sector organisations, students, charities, poets, musicians and traditional publishers.

The challenge lies not in the myth that the market is shrinking, but in the myth that it's easy to be visible in that market.