Pricing is dependent on subject matter, word count, required turnaround time and the amount of proofreading or editing required. 

Offers may be available. Please ask.

Guidelines are as follows: 


  • per 1000 words

Proofreading for Students

  • per 1000 words


  • per 1000 words

Fiction editing

  • per 30000 words

Scope of my services


The proofreading service covers: 

  • Correcting spelling mistakes and typos.
  • Correcting punctuation and grammar errors.
  • Ensuring a consistent and well-structured layout.
  • Correcting formatting inconsistencies (font, spacing, bullet lists).
  • Ensuring consistency of tense.
  • Ensuring subject–verb agreement.
  • Ensuring consistency of capitalisation and hyphenation.
  • Noting errors of in-text quotes.
  • Suggesting ways of cutting very long sentences or dividing paragraphs.
  • Noting where the meaning of the text is unclear or confusing.
  • Identifying incorrect use of words and suggesting alternatives.
  • Ensuring consistency of chapter headings, headlines, footnotes and page numbering.
  • Checking references and bibliography are correct and consistent.
  • Checking functionality of links.


The copy-editing service covers:

  • All proofreading checks.
  • Improving quality of word usage and flow of text.
  • Improving sentence and paragraph structure.
  • Ensuring text is concise and removes redundant wording.
  • Revising awkward phrasing without losing the author's voice and style.

Fiction editing

The fiction editing service covers:

  • All proofreading and copy-editing checks. 
  • Ensuring that the author is clear about how the manuscript will be edited.
  • Maintaining the author’s voice and style of writing. 
  • Advising the author of any textual inconsistencies, contradictions and anomalies within the text and suggesting ways of addressing them. 
  • A short report detailing global changes, comments and general observations or concerns about the text.