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Developmental Critique

A developmental critique is an overview of the text, looking at its strengths and weaknesses, and includes some textual mark-up drawing your attention to details. For a novel, the 6-8 page report focuses on aspects such as: 

  • The opening of your story – does it work?
  • Characterisation – are your characters believable?
  • Pace – does your story drag where it shouldn’t and fly where it should linger?
  • Plot development – is it plausible?
  • Dialogue – is there too much, too little, is it varied, does it feel real?
  • Presentation – is your manuscript well-presented? Is the timeline anchored?
  • Point of view – are you using it consistently?
  • Writing – do you fall into the trap of describing everything that moves? 
  • Marketability – does it adhere to the expectations of the genre? 
  • Final chapter – does your ending work?

A development critique should send you away bursting with ideas about how to improve your manuscript and take it to the next level.


A line-by-line copy-edit ensures a level of clarity and consistency that will enhance the connection between author and reader without misrepresenting the author's voice. The manuscript will be marked up with tracked changes and comments. The service involves: 

  • Providing comments to assist with eliminating inconsistencies in character and plot
  • Enhancing the flow of the text
  • Pointing out inconsistencies in the timeline
  • Pointing out contradictions in the text
  • Identifying repetition, awkward sentences and missing information and suggesting alternatives where appropriate
  • Correcting typographical mishaps
  • Eradicating errors and inconsistencies in grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Eliminating inconsistencies in style and presentation
  • Raising queries that require a decision by the author, for example, where the text is ambiguous
  • Formatting of paragraphs to ensure compliance with standard publishing conventions
  • Basic fact-checking, for example, historical dates, brand names, place names

A line-by-line copy-edit is the nitty-gritty of editing and will enable your writing to sparkle and flow like you never imagined possible. 


Proofreading is the final polish which catches any mistakes that have slipped through. A document that’s ready for proofreading will be of a high standard and will certainly have been copy-edited already.


Pricing is dependent on word count and the amount of editing required.

Guidelines are as follows: 

Development Critique

  • per 1000 words


  • per 1000 words


  • per 1000 words

Please note: If, when I receive the whole manuscript, the work cannot be completed within the agreed quotation or turnaround, I'll let you know immediately. I'll explain the position and offer you a revised quotation and turnaround.